Landscape, Window, Home, Room

There are paintings, lightings, shelves, greens, and objects which reminds someoneʼs room in the space.
This art work is based on Japanese traditional principle for the garden, ” borrowed scenery” - incorporating background landscape into the composition of a garden. The landscape on the paintings, plants, and objects taken from actual place during my travel are part of borrowed scenery. As background landscape is getting merged into the private garden, this art work will link actual place in the world to your room beyond borrowed elements from my travel.

I have been questioning todayʼs Japanese interior style (Room/ House) which is often a copy of Western countries. I would like Room/ House rich adding new landscape, not decorating.
This concern drives me to investigate a new way of constructing space applying Japanese traditional principles for the composition of the space, - not only ”borrowed scenery”, but also “Shuku-kei”, “Mitate”, “Shin-gyou-sou” etc… - onto contemporary elements. This approach will encourage Japanese people to go back to their roots and also to communicate all of the people with practices of our ancestors.

Please discover the new landscape where you never seen yet through my way of seeing the world beyond Japanese traditional principle.

Exhibition “TRIP”

at Gallery Gosaro (tokyo Japan)

Cloudy - Washi paper,Iwa-enogu / W116.3 × H910 cm

Paris in Window - Washi paper,Iwa-enogu / W910 × H910 cm

My home in Window - Washi paper,Iwa-enogu / W162 × H112 cm

♡♢♧♤ - Washi paper,Iwa-enogu / W40 × H50 cm

combination of light paintings

left: - Washi paper,Iwa-enogu / W72.7 × H60.6 cm
right: - Washi paper,Iwa-enogu / W72.7 × H60.6 cm

Nakaeguro in Window - Washi paper,Iwa-enogu / W163 × H139 cm